Forge your own path—
life is too precious to spend it living someone else's script

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Welcome, Friend!

Hi, I'm Caroline!

Joy Seeker, Energy Healer, Mother, Change Maker.
I am here to take you along a journey of
self discovery, growth and transformation,
exploring all the beauty this life has in store.
From new experiences, find your Why & gifts,
being part of a community, discovering new passions
and new versions of you
- I want to take this journey together!

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I have a PASSION for
SERVING others & I
am here to help YOU!

As an Reinvention Coach I guide those who:

  • wish to grow their careers
  • are searching to find themselves after a major life event and change
  • are going through divorce or have lost a loved one
  • are struggling with a newly diagnosed illness
  • are looking for self-love or self-confidence
  • feel like they are lost or just can't find things that bring them joy and purpose
  • or just wish to find their inner child again and perhaps leave an amazing legacy

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Somethings I am Currently Loving

Favorite Recent Book

Opening Your Presence: Presenting the YOU You Want Others to See
by Greta Muller

Course I am Enjoying

B  School with Marie  Forleo

Listening on Repeat

Jenna Kutcher  Goal  Digger Podcast

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What's My Background?

After over 30+ years of working in Human Resources, I'm blending my passion for helping people and development with my coaching expertise, to help you live your most authentic life.

I have lovingly guided those who have lost their passion and are tired of going to work, wished for more meaningful work, explored how to take better care of their physical and mental health as they felt drained from a long day of 'society's to dos', leaving them with no energy to tend to themselves, or to have stronger, deeper relationships with themselves and their loved ones.

If you are going through any change, let me help transform and reinvent your life. You no longer have to "push through" any time when your life is falling apart. Let me help you Reconnect to who you are, Rediscover what your soul's desires is, and Reinvent your purpose and your legacy.

As an HR Executive, Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coach, Reiki Master, and Integrated Energy Healer, I help you find your passion, remove barriers and fear, and balance within your energy so that you can show up as your very best self every day.
“Life is Simple we make it complicated”
By uncomplicating the everyday we can grow and see positive change.

Caroline Baird

Kind Words from Previous Clients

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"Words of gratitude could never fully thank Caroline for her guidance - and sometimes a reality check - over our time working together.  Caroline's support when I’ve needed it most, made a meaningful difference in my life.  Thank you Caroline for being in my corner!"

Energy Healing Coach

"It has been such a pleasure to work with Caroline. She has taught me some incredible things that I can use in my own life. She is genuine, kind and supportive, yet has candor that held me accountable so I could obtain my dreams."

Life Coaching

"Caroline is such a great person and I am thankful for all of her guidance and leadership.  She has definitely made a huge impact on me and my career and it's one that I will forever be grateful for.  I’m am so blessed that I had the opportunity to work with her."

Career Coaching

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