Jul 17

Ep 2: The Art of Energetic Leadership

With Simona Costantini

Ready to unlock the potential of energetic leadership?

Today, we promise you'll gain valuable insights from Simona Costantini, the CEO of Costantini Productions. Simona shares her journey from personal development to understanding how her own energy impacts her leadership style. She gives us a deep understanding of addressing team energy and fostering open and honest communication.

Throughout our intriguing conversation, Simona introduces us to the concept of energetic intelligence. She details how leaders can leverage this and shares personal experiences and practical tips to incorporate this concept into your daily life. We discuss empathy, understanding, and communication in leadership, while focusing on building a culture of trust within a team. Simona also highlights the importance of appreciating individual differences to create a strong team dynamic.

We wrap up with Simona shedding light on the crucial aspect of self-care in leadership. She talks about setting boundaries, emotional self-care, and even the significance of seeking help when needed. Together, we reiterate the importance of staying open to possibilities and finding happiness. So, tune in as we uncover how to harness the power of energetics to be an effective and empathetic leader. 

About Simona Costantini

Simona Costantini is the Founder and CEO of Costantini Productions, a full-service podcast production agency, that produces more than 25 podcasts on a weekly basis, with more than half in the top 30 to 100 podcasts in their niche markets. Whether it’s speaking on a stage, training a team, or doing a guest interview on a podcast, Simona is known for providing her audience with high-touch information that leaves attendees and listeners with actionable insights and next steps – and blows their minds as it’s packed with value. She leaves no secrets unshared!

She is the Executive Producer and Host of two podcasts: Happiness Happens and As It Relates to Podcasting. She helps women entrepreneurs in the parenting, wellness and marketing spaces bring their personality, brand and passion to the mic by helping them launch, manage and grow their podcasts. Her mission is simple: to help creators feel valued, seen and empowered to bring their voice to the mic and make an impact with their message.

Simona’s experience spans more than 10 years in marketing, communications, advertising and public relations – all of which she ties into her business, client work and speaking engagements.

When Simona isn’t behind the mic, producing a show, or strategizing a game-changing podcast launch, you can find her at home in wine country with her cockapoo dog named Gus.

Connect with Simona Costantini

Happens Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/happinesshappenspodcast/
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