Oct 30

Ep 8: Managing Stress for a Healthier Work-Life Balance

With Speaker Michell Brown

Managing Stress for a Healthier Work-Life Balance with Michell Brown

In this insightful interview, Caroline discusses the importance of managing stress with our guest, Michell Brown. Michell, with over 30 years of experience in somatic movement and breathwork, shares valuable insights and practical tools to help you reduce stress and enhance your work-life balance.

Michell introduces herself and her background in somatic movement and breathwork, and emphasizes the significance of understanding the impact of stress on one's life.

Michell shares three fundamental tools: conscious breathing, grounding your energy, and shaking off stress. She highlights the power of conscious breathing to calm the nervous system, that grounding is essential for maintaining stability in stressful situations, and the "shaking off" of stress as an effective way to release tension from the body.

Michell discusses the importance of moving emotions through your body and emphasizes the need to let emotions flow rather than holding onto them.  Breathing and movement, are the key in releasing emotions, improving emotional resilience, and handling triggers more effectively.
She then addresses common misconceptions about work-life balance as people 
often believe they cannot change, but Michell stresses that you can change patterns.  When we learn to manage stress, it enables you to improve your work-life balance.  Even Executives can benefit greatly from stress management to stay focused, calm in the moment, and productive during their day.  By reducing stress, we allow for better problem-solving and teamwork skills in high-pressure situations.

Finally, Michell reiterates the importance of practicing the stress management tools, including breathing, grounding, and movement, on a daily basis so that you can recover more quickly in times of need.  

Offer to Listeners:
Michell is happy to offer a complementary half-hour stress evaluation for listeners to identify and address their stress patterns.  This personalized call, helps listeners embrace these tools which can lead to a more balanced, productive, and enjoyable life.  To claim your complimentary session, email Michell at michell@michellbrown.com.

You can also follow Michell on Instagram at Instagram or LinkedIn.
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