May 31

Ep 18: Journey to Balance with Tamara Skyhawk

With Speaker Tamara Skyhawk

In this empowering episode of Today's Balanced Leader, I'll interview best-selling author and transformative yoga teacher, Tamara Skyhawk. Tamara is a beloved yoga teacher and teacher trainer. Her work is infused with the knowledge of 30 years of yoga and meditation practice.

During our interview, Tamara shares her escape from the high-pressure world of advertising to find peace and purpose through yogic practices and meditation. Tamara reveals secrets from her acclaimed books and offers practical tips for embracing mindfulness and spiritual connection so that you can create balance - from a yoga perspective (rajas, tamas, sattva).

The discussion focuses on the importance of maintaining balance in leadership, the intersection of wellness and leadership, and how modalities like yogic practices and meditation can profoundly impact both professional and personal lives. You may even find a way to reset the way you think about and connect mind-body-spirit.

I'll also share what's happening at Caroline Baird Coaching:

00:00 Introduction to Today's Episode
00:31 Special Offers and Announcements
02:48 Introducing Tamara Skyhawk
04:46 Tamara's Journey from Advertising to Yogic Practices
08:48 The Impact of Yogic Practices and Meditation
11:45 Extending Yoga Beyond the Mat
23:21 Starting Your Own Yogic and Meditation Practice
30:18 Tamara's Journey as an Author
35:03 Final Thoughts and Reflections

Learn more about Tamara
Tamara's website where you can access free yoga nidra meditation recordings.
Tamara's Youtube Channel
Tamara is also a bestselling author, with titles such as:
  • Yoga Nidra Scripts & Yoga Nidra Scripts 2,
  • Minute Meditations for Everyday Calm,
  • Affirmations for Queens,
  • Hot Stone Restorative Yoga,
  • Goodnight, I Love You,
  • Mother Nature's Whisper,
  • and other inspirational books.

She also has new Yoga Cards, to inspire your yoga practice and your life, which you can purchase through her website.

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