Mar 18

Ep 14: Harnessing Growth, Excellence, and Innovation in a Digital World

In this engaging episode of 'Today's Balance Leader,' our guest Lisa Anne, a seasoned digital marketing expert, podcast host, and founder of Stock Media, shares her transformative journey from a struggling entrepreneur to a successful business leader. Lisa navigates through the significance of determination, resilience, and strategic thinking in achieving remarkable success in the digital marketing landscape. 

During our conversation, we'll delve into some great topics for personal and professional development!  This is an episode you won't want to miss.
  • Getting freedom by using automation and systems for repetitive work (3:26)
  • The seasons of life and our non-negotiables (8:45)
  • Being a recovering people pleaser (13:51)
  • Learning how to set boundaries (15:18)
  • Connection & community (24:42)
  • Personal growth & setting goals (29:45)
  • Celebrate You & small wins (34:32)
  • Being flexible & adaptable (44:20)
  • Striving for excellence, not perfection (49:55)
  • If it resonates - implement it! (53:32) 

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