Nov 23

Episode 9: Journey to Leadership: Insights with Gary Nowak on Cultures, Minimalism, and Career Wisdom

With Guest Gary Nowak

In today's episode with Gary Nowak, Executive Coach and host of two podcasts, we explore his rich journey in the corporate world. Gary, a globetrotter, shares insights into how diverse cultures shape leadership styles.

We delve into the significance of learning from our mistakes, handling our mistakes, and the pivotal role of questions in career progression. Gary emphasizes viewing a career as a marathon, not a sprint, and highlights the crucial role of self-awareness in personal and professional growth. He sheds light on honing intangible skills, leveraging feedback for career development, and the art of giving and receiving feedback.

Discover how embracing minimalism impacts leadership and simplicity's role in effective presentations. Gary also discusses the profound influence of coaching, the power of observation in understanding teams, and the value of asking questions in leadership.

Tune in for a comprehensive exploration of Gary's diverse experiences and leadership insights.

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Resources we Talk About?
Atomic Habits, by James Clear
Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Didn't Know, by Adam Grant
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