Jun 18

Ep 19: Navigating Leadership with Angela Buckley

With Speaker Angela Buckley

In this episode of Today's Balanced Leader, our guest Angela Buckley, and I, will discuss the intersection of wellness and leadership, crucial strategies for change management, and the importance of adult learning theory in leadership & understanding its importance.

Angela shares her journey from metallurgical engineer to leadership coach, underscoring the significance of personal boundaries, positive reinforcement, and community building in achieving work-life balance and effective leadership.

This episode offers actionable insights for leaders at all levels, emphasizing the necessity of mental, physical, and emotional well-being in the pursuit of excellence.

00:00 Introduction to Today's Balanced Leader
01:34 Meet Angela Buckley: From Engineer to Leadership Coach
03:57 Angela's Journey and Lessons in Change Management
09:19 The Importance of Mindset in Leadership
13:40 Creating a Culture of Safety and Effective Change Management
24:31 Fostering Community and Setting Boundaries
31:38 Setting Boundaries for Better Sleep
33:05 The Challenge of Establishing Boundaries
37:42 The Importance of Positive Reinforcement
38:43 Crafting Effective Thank Yous
43:25 Self-Leadership and Journaling
48:29 Chasing Your Passions and Building Community
54:08 Final Thoughts and Offers

Learn more about Angela
Angela's website where you can get 20% off any service using in 2024, using code: balancedpod2024
In the show, we also refer to her workbook, Likeable Leadership.

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