Apr 17

Ep 16: The Power of Your Food Story

With Speaker Elise Museles

In today's health-focused world, it's easy to drown in the sea of dietary advice, superfood recommendations, and the latest wellness trends. But what if the key to truly living well lies not just in what we eat but in how and why we eat? Renowned nutritionist and eating psychology expert, Elise Museles, joined us on the latest episode of "Today's Balance Leader" to discuss this very topic, shedding light on her holistic approach to wellness that goes far beyond the plate.

Elise's transition from a successful career in law to pursuing her passion for nutrition and wellness is not just inspiring; it's a testament to her dedication to holistic health. With her unique blend of legal discipline and intuitive eating principles, Elise has carved out a niche in the wellness world, emphasizing the significance of the stories we tell ourselves about food.

According to Elise, our relationship with food is deeply intertwined with emotions, beliefs, and habits that have been cultivated over years, often beginning in childhood. Her philosophy extends beyond the nutritional value of what's on our plate, exploring the psychological and emotional connections that influence our eating behaviors. She introduces the concept of "food stories," narratives that shape our approach to eating and living. Through her popular podcast, "Once Upon a Food Story," Elise encourages listeners to rewrite these narratives for healthier, more empowered lives.

One of the many gems shared by Elise during our conversation was the idea of reframing meal prep from a stressful chore to an act of self-care. By incorporating simple strategies like cooking with vibrant, seasonal produce and engaging all family members in the kitchen, meal prep can become a source of joy and an opportunity to nurture not just our bodies but also our relationships.

Elise champions the concept of seasonal eating, suggesting that nature inherently knows what our bodies need throughout the year. By tuning into the rhythm of the seasons, we can enhance our health, reduce food waste, and rediscover the pleasure of eating fresh, flavorful foods that fill us with vitality and joy.

Our conversation with Elise Museles was a profound reminder of the intricate connections between the mind, body, and spirit. By examining and transforming our food stories, we open the door to a more intentional, joyful eating experience that transcends the act of nourishment. Elise's journey, insights, and practical advice serve as a beacon for anyone looking to foster a healthier relationship with food and themselves.

We talk about:
03:20 Intro
05:08 Going from Law to Nutrition and Eating Psychology
05:08 Elise's Philosophy on Eating and Living
10:06 Reframing Meal Prep and Tips for a Positive Cooking Experience
12:48 Decoding Disempowering Food Stories
18:31 Seasonal Eating and Reducing Food Waste
30:39 Navigating Food Habits as an Empty Nester
31:20 The Power of Comfort Food and Creating New Traditions
32:12 Passing on Food Stories to the Next Generation
34:54 Making Meal Prep Fun and Stress-Free
36:56 Addressing Guilt and Enjoyment in Eating'
43:07 Exploring the Impact of Organized Spaces on Food Choices

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