Dec 5

Ep 10: Navigating Mental Health And Addiction With Stephanie Butler

With Speaker Stephanie Butler

Navigating Mental Health and Addiction with Stephanie Butler

This episode talks about sensitive topics which may trigger some individuals. Please use care when listening. 

In this impactful conversation, guest Stephanie Butler joins us to discuss mental health, addiction, and leadership.  Stephanie is a registered social service worker and a life and wellness coach who has always been drawn to helping others. With over 25 years working in the mental health field, Stephanie has learned to guide others through difficult life circumstances to set them on a path of self-compassion and self-love. A creative, open-minded and loving person, Stephanie believes the answers are within each of us and often all we need is supportive help to examine situations from different angles, ask questions and challenge one's views. Self-care, her spiritual practice, self-compassion and seeing her own coach regularly helps her to stay grounded so she can hold a safe space for others to face their lives with wholehearted courage.

In this episode, Stephanie shares her own struggles with addiction, depression, and anxiety, illustrating the intertwining of wellness and leadership. The conversation emphasizes the importance of self-care, spiritual practice, self-compassion, and reaching out for support.  We'll also discuss some common misconceptions about mental health and addiction, underscoring that mental health issues could affect anyone (the numbers will surprise you). Finally, the episode concludes with Stephanie offering resources for those who might need help, which you can find below. 

01:52 Stephanie's Journey and Expertise
03:23 Beginning of the Interview
04:06 Stephanie's Career Path and Personal Experiences
05:49 Stephanie's Struggles with Addiction
07:21 The Importance of Seeking Help
07:37 The Impact of Mental Health on Self Perception
08:17 The Role of Self Compassion and Self Love
13:38 Stephanie's Approach to Helping Others
14:52 The Importance of Community and Support
27:49 The Role of Basic Self Care in Mental Health
32:03 The Importance of Spirituality in Mental Health
33:50 Journey to Sobriety and Self-Discovery
34:15 The Role of Spirituality in Personal Growth
35:16 The Purpose of Life and the Power of Helping Others
37:01 Understanding the Connection Between Humanity and Spirituality
39:37 The Misconceptions Surrounding Mental Health and Addiction
44:54 The Struggles of Denial in Mental Health
47:28 The Importance of Seeking Help and Support
54:17 The Role of Self-Compassion in Mental Health
54:43 Conclusion: Normalizing Conversations About Mental Health
56:38 The Power of Manifesting and Setting Intentions 

Need help, or know someone who does? Support is available:

CMHA - Canadian Mental Health Association
: with offices across Canada and no doctor referral required.
RAAM - Rapid Access
: various offices available for group or 1:1 counseling.  

Want to learn more about Stephanie Butler?

Stephanie Butler Coach
Stephanie's Magical Weekly Manifesting Journal  

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