Jul 2

Ep 20: Unlocking Potential: Taylor Proctor's Success Formula

With Speaker Taylor Proctor

In this episode, our guest Taylor Proctor shares her journey from 15 years in the corporate world to founding her own, successful business. She emphasizes the importance of aligning personal and professional leadership, overcoming leadership trauma, the power of intuition in making strategic decisions, and taking aligned actions while providing strategies for maintaining motivation and inspiration during challenging times.

Taylor introduces her revolutionary iMove Method (Intuition, Marketing, Operations, Velocity, Execution) and discusses how it can be applied in both entrepreneurial and corporate environments to foster growth, creativity, and high productivity. Tune in to learn how to transform your leadership style and unlock your full potential.

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00:00 Introduction to Today's Balanced Leader
01:36 Mid-Year Reflection and Coaching Opportunity
02:39 Interview with Taylor Proctor: Leadership Journey
03:58 Taylor's Corporate Leadership Experience
06:38 Transition to Personal Coaching and the I Move Method
10:49 Redefining Leadership Success
17:34 Overcoming Leadership Challenges
27:04 Overcoming Leadership Trauma
28:19 The Importance of Community Support
29:03 The Role of Intuition in Leadership
30:12 Building a Supportive Leadership Structure
33:14 Staying Motivated During Challenging Times
36:03 Introducing the IMove Method
37:01 Applying the IMove Method to Leadership
45:25 The Power of Intuition in Business
51:16 Advice for Stalled Leaders
53:21 Conclusion and Resources

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