Jul 5

Ep 1: Shaping Your Leadership Legacy

With Guest Speaker Kelly Rolfe

Shaping Your Leadership Legacy with Kelly Rolfe

In this podcast, the host shares her personal journey from rock bottom to self-discovery and healing. Despite facing challenges like job loss and single motherhood, she immersed herself in personal development and unintentionally became an online figure, empowering women to break free from limiting narratives. She recommends "Mastering Your Mean Girl" to change self-critical tendencies and emphasizes the importance of self-support and self-compassion.

The podcast targets high achievers and leaders, inspiring personal growth, empowerment, and a compassionate leadership approach. Leadership is about creating a positive impact through micro moments and recognizing the ripple effect of our actions. Intentional legacy building involves leading with love, respect, and empowerment, treating people as individuals, and fostering a valued and empowered environment.

Leadership is not about aggression but about having difficult conversations with love, setting boundaries, and taking self-responsibility. Treating others with empowerment, respect, and love fosters stronger relationships and drives collective success. Failure is an opportunity for learning and growth, involving the team in reflection and improvement.

Balancing heart and logic in decision-making is crucial, considering the emotional impact and aligning with the team's needs. Open dialogue, trust, and empowerment enable team members to contribute and create a powerful and cohesive team. 

About Kelly Rolfe

Kelly Rolfe is an Social Media Marketing & Launch Strategist, Business Coach, Two-time International Best-Selling Author, and Podcast Host of the Love Yourself Fiercely Podcast. Kelly found herself at a crossroads in 2011 as a new single mom. Heartbroken and lost, Kelly made the greatest commitment of her life; to herself. For the first time in her life, Kelly realized that the missing pieces of her world were internal, not external. This led her on the most beautiful, expansive and life-changing journey of self discovery, self leadership and entrepreneurship. It is in the commitment to herself and her dreams that Kelly became the powerful and loving mother, partner, daughter, friend and business owner that she is today. This journey has allowed Kelly to help other women massively expand into their power, lead themselves to their greatness, grow wildly successful businesses, and live wonderful lives in complete alignment.

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 Mastering Your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini
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