Aug 1

Ep 3: Leadership starts with Self Awareness

With Host Caroline Baird

Leadership Starts with Self-Awareness

In this episode, I will share with you Why I started Today's Balanced Leader, and the importance of self-awareness as a leader, not only for your team, but for yourself.
Have you ever wondered why you feel disjointed in your personal and professional world? Perhaps you haven't taken the time to explore the non-negotiables in your life. Maybe you are a people pleaser or just hate to argue with people. Well, it doesn't have to be all or nothing! 
So listen in, and let me know how you liked this episode. And remember to like, follow and subscribe to Today's Balanced Leader, so you never miss an episode.

About Caroline Baird
After years of working in Human Resources, I'm blending my passion for helping people and development, with my coaching expertise, to help you live your most authentic life.
I have lovingly guided those who have lost their passion and are tired of going to work, wished for more meaningful work, explored how to take better care of their physical and mental health yet felt drained after a long day of 'society's to dos', leaving them with no energy to tend to themselves, and longed to have stronger, deeper relationships with themselves and their loved ones.
If you are going through any change, let me help transform your life. You no longer have to "push through" any time when your life is falling apart. Let me help you Reconnect to who you are, Rediscover what your soul's desires is, and Reinvent your purpose and your legacy.
As a Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coach and Reiki Master, I help you find your passion, remove barriers and fear, and balance within your energy field so that you can show up as your very best self every day.

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