Aug 14

Ep 4: Strategy & Innovative Thinking

With Todd Weinstein

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a strategic leader in today's world? Perhaps you have a great idea that you want to "sell" to your company and don't know where to start. Well, this podcast is for you!
Today, we are speaking to Todd about what leaders are encountering in today's ever changing world, what it means to be strategic and take risks, and his thoughts on how to be an effective leader, while remaining authentic to yourself.  
And if you are looking for more, Todd is offering 20% off any of his 3 Hogan assessment & Coaching programs until the end of September, using code GAVIA20CB.
To learn more, you may reach out to Todd directly at or myself,

About Todd Weinstein

Todd Weinstein is a certified Executive Coach with over two decades of corporate experience on the inside, collaborating with senior leaders and teams from diverse industries, to deliver exceptional and lasting value.
Todd has led leadership development and organizational change functionsm, and is co-designer of two cutting edge leadership development programs; Communication with Confidence and Presence TM, and Leadership Accelerator TM. And through Gavia Partners, Todd is dedicated to helping his clients bring depth, purpose and sustainability to their work environments.

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