Setting Boundaries

65% of women have trouble saying NO & an even
higher 67% of women consider themselves "people pleasers"

Masterclass for Learning to Set Boundaries

Are you a people pleaser? Perhaps you struggle to say "no". 

             In this 45 minute Masterclass, I will guide you as you learn how to recognize and overcome people-pleasing tendencies. You will begin to embrace the empowering notion that "saying no" is not a bad word, but a crucial skill for fostering self-respect and balanced relationships through setting boundaries.


Does this sound like you?

You struggle to say "no." 
 You've attended an event you didn't want to be at
You've felt obligated to say yes, against your will
You struggling with self-doubt
You are procrastinating, like alot
You avoid others just so you don't have to say no
 You've said Yes to much & now your burnout
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What if I told you there was a better way?

Learn how to recognize your
people-pleasing tendencies
and overcome then
Become empowered and learn that "saying no" is not a bad word!
Develop the critical skills needed
for fostering self-respect through setting boundaries
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Here's what's covered in the Masterclass

Recognize your people-pleasing tendencies

How to establish boundaries and communicate them

Learn to overcome people-pleasing

Foster self-respect
and confidence

Feel empowered to say "No."

Balance relationships by setting boundaries

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Saying Yes to everything when you'd rather say NO?  Sounds like you need better boundaries ...

The Boundaries Setting
Masterclass is Here!

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Hi there, 
I'm Caroline!

A former HR corporate executive, turned wellness and legacy enthusiast. I've been in your shoes! Working long hours, never really shutting down from work, and yet feeling like I wanted to do so much more to make a significant impact on the people whose lives I touched.

I feel that we are each on our own journey, and the one size fits all training doesn't always work as we are all in a different place. I wanted to take my knowledge and experience and share it with others, making them feel supported and courageous in their role.

I have great passion for teaching at all levels and love working with businesses that need leadership development. I looks forward to sharing my love of building meaningful and effective tactics with you.
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